Elderly people are AWESOME, if you ask me (Shelly Abich), and even if you don’t ask me, I’m likely to tell you that or you’re likely to see me stalking a senior in a grocery store. Essentially, I’m a 35 year old with the soul of an 85 year old. Some call me “Grandma Z” (Zemrose is my maiden name) and I wear the nickname with pride. Hot tea is my vice and I say the mushier the food the better. I see you bread pudding!

On a serious note, I’ve had a borderline obsession with the elderly since I can remember. I believe they are highly undervalued in American society and I want that to change. I hope this blog is an inspiration for that change. With a Master’s Degree in Gerontology and some experience in the elderly realm, I’m aware of the reality for most elderly folks and it deeply saddens me: alone, overlooked, overmedicated, forgotten, and a perceived inability to contribute.  I hope that this blog inspires people simply to care about this age group we’ve so carefully tucked away and to show gratitude for those who have helped shape our future.

I dedicate this blog to my super cool Grandpa, Leonard Rusnak (the handsome likeness for Mr. Gray), who lived to the age of 96. He was sharp as a whip and unbelievably active; he drove and ran errands, knew pop culture references, and could take a shot of Maker’s Mark better than most 25 yr olds. As he aged, his heart grew more soft and his perspective more wise.  He showed me that an elderly person can give love in a special way others cannot, that prune juice really does cure everything, and that closed captioning really isn’t that bad.

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