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Never Stop Writing

Raise your hand if you ever thought to yourself: “Ya know, I should write a book about that.” I’m pretty sure everyone should have 2 hands off of their keyboard right now.

Well, the good news is, you're in luck! You probably have plenty of years to churn out a book or two.

And if you're like Mr. Gray, you'll know retirement means it's time to get going.

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I am the Trunk; You are the Branches

We use a lot of plant-related metaphors in English to describe our families. "Their roots run deep." "Our kids are sprouting up like weeds!" And idioms: "That apple didn't fall far from the tree!"

But have you ever heard this one -- "I am the trunk, you are the branches" ?

I bet you haven't (it's kind of new!). But once I explain, you'll be able to see: it fits Mr. Gray perfectly.

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Move with the CHEESE

You gotta move with the cheese man. You gotta move with the cheese.

Yeah, I've never heard this either, but it's a hot phrase on "Bachelor In Paradise" right now (one of my guilty pleasure tv shows).

It's kind of crazy, but ever since I heard that phrase, cottage cheese has been popping up ever-y-where in my life. It's like a sign from the cheese gods or something...and as always, Mr. Gray is involved. 

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Say What?

Tell me if you’ve ever done this: someone says something to you and you can’t hear them, so you ask them to repeat themselves. But you still can’t hear them, so you ask again. Still fuzzy! At this point, there’s nothing else for it: you Awkward Grin and just agree. (Oh boy, I hope she didn’t ask for anything serious…)

Now what if you’re Mr. Gray and this is what you have to do all the time? Sad, right? And frustrating for both sides! But there are some ways to make hearing a loss a little easier on everyone - thank goodness!

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Head vs. Heart

Remember the last time you left the remote control in the fridge? No lying, you know you've done it! (So have I, oops.) And I bet you had a good laugh when you found it again!

Mr. Gray forgets stuff all the time... but it's hard to laugh off dementia. :( The next time he forgets something, here are some better ways to respond!

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Team Tortoise

I know you're busy today. I'm busy too! It's rush, rush, rush all the time! But can you spare a moment? Sometimes I wish I could be like Mr. Gray. He knows how to relax. Have you ever seen him taking time to just sit in the garden and enjoy the air? Don't you wish you could do that too? Well, here's a secret: you can. Relaxation isn't a phase of life, it's a frame of mind.

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A lot of the time we think of Mr. Gray as a Grumpy Person, not just in the morning, but all the time! You're familiar with the stereotype, right? "What a grumpy old man!" But what if there's more to Mr. Gray's grumpiness than just being cranky? I think he's got some pretty good reasons.

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If We Don't Know Our History

Back when I was in high school, history was the worst. Just the most boring stuff ever! I couldn't help myself, I'd fall asleep every time. Zzzzz, that's me. But as you all know, I love Mr. Gray, and I love Mr. Gray's stories! And one day it dawned on me that Mr. Gray's stories are history--Mr. Gray is practically walking history himself! *bing* That was the sound of the light going on for me. Now I love history. I've collected so many stories from Mr. Gray, and it's one of the best things I've ever done.

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