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Mushy Peas Please

Cream of wheat! Rice pudding! Pea soup! Mr. Gray (most of the time) totally digs these softer delicacies--- and shocker here-- but I just happen to LOVE them too. My grandpa hated al dente veggies. I was confused by this as a teen, but fast forward to today -- I totally feel ya Gpa. I don't know when barely cooked veggies became on trend, but if I wanted to be a panda eating bamboo, I would have let the server know.

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The Force is with Mr. Gray

My dad once gave my brother Michael a nickname to tell him apart from all the other playground kids: Obi-Wan! My brother Michael, Obi-Wan? Let's be real! But you know who was Obi-Wan? My grandpa! When I was still young and stupid, he had all the wisdom of a Jedi Master. About everything, including deodorant. And let me tell you, deodorant is important.

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