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The Hills Are Alive

...With the sound of muuuusiiicc. Aww, doesn't that film just make you feel ooey gooey good on the inside?!! One of the best movies of all time. Now -- since we're on the topic -- I'm just putting it out there....but ya know the song "I am 16, going on 17"? Huge hit, right? I mean, every teenage girl could relate to that song: teenage romance, first kiss, innocence, an older man who's 17 going on 18. Except one little, itty, bitty, problem. My version was: "I am 16, going on 83." Yeah, I'm a senior freak. This is nothing new. We've established this with my blog reveals. But, what might be new and fresh for you all is my epic music skills. Just watch my latest jam sesh:

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